Recommended Resources

Below are three great ways to dive into the StoryBrand framework.

I believe in the StoryBrand framework and the impact it can have on your business.

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Online StoryBrand Marketing Course

“The Framework”

Would you like to dive into the StoryBrand framework at home on your own?

This course is great for self starters and entrepreneurs.

  • Understand & work through the modules at your own pace

  • Lifelong access to the course

  • Develop your messaging on your own before seeking help

* Contact me if you would like a consultation on your Brandscript *


Online StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap Course

“The Funnel”

Are you ready to grow your business by creating a marketing funnel?

Now that you have your Brandscript you want to apply it to 6 key pieces of marketing collateral which will become your funnel.

  • Clarify your message

  • Wireframe your website

  • Write a lead generating PDF

  • Create an automated email campaign

  • Write an effective sales letter

  • Gather customer testimonials

    * Contact me if you would like coaching & feedback on your funnel *


Live StoryBrand Marketing Workshop

“The StoryBrand Event”

Do you want to know if you are StoryBranding your business ‘the right way’?

This live event takes place in beautiful Nashville, TN and allows you to learn the StoryBrand framework surrounded by helpful facilitators.

  • Get instant feedback on your messaging from in person coaches

  • Brainstorm & collaborate with other business leaders

  • Leave the workshop with clear actionable feedback

* Contact me if would like details on this awesome experience *