The Lightheart Society
The Lightheart Society
Mindful Marketing Coach for Entrepreneurs

 Mindful Marketing Intensives

Discover your one true message and create a thriving business


Need Clarity in Your Business Right Now?


I’ve got you!

This offering is for you if:

  • You have a specific problem you would like help with immediately

  • You have a big decision to make and need help discussing options & strategy

  • You have tried figuring this out on your own and you are ready for a collaborative process now

  • You need help gaining clarity, direction and strategy for your business



I love to hold intensive sessions in person whenever possible.

We will meet in a VIP collaborative space in Portland, OR. There will be whiteboards, free lunch, and brainstorming galore.

If an in-person meeting can’t happen, we can meet over Zoom.


I offer both 1/2 day (9am-1pm) and full day (9am-5pm) options for intensives.

After you apply below, we can sort out a date that can work for both of us.


In addition to our time together I also offer the following included support:

  • 1 month of email/text support following our time

  • Zoom recordings as applicable

  • Action items to walk away with


1/2 day sessions start at $1500

Full day sessions start at $2500

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“I would definitely recommend Hilary to business owners who are ready to uplevel in a major way, but who don't want to lose the heart and soul of their business. You won't regret working with her!”

Cecily Crow, Holistic Life Coach



Want Clients that Inspire You?

What if you could stop working with clients that drain you & attract clients that fill you up?

It’s not a dream. But it does require a strategy.