Stop, Drop & Savasana


This week was rough, I’m not gonna lie. I was reminded that I cannot make intuitive, aligned, embodied decisions when I am overcome with fear.

This was something that I knew from my yoga school training, something I knew from coaching and being coached, something I knew in my head. But now I feel like I know it in my BONES.

I know the steps to take to quiet down fear, to allow myself to be still and quiet. Yet in the moment this week where I was gripped with abject terror, I wasn’t able to stop and be still.

This let me know that this is something I need to work on. And so, I am challenging myself to implement Stop, Drop & Savasana into my daily life. I’m definitely going to do it before I make any big decisions in my life or business.

What is it exactly?

Throughout the day, stop what you are doing and lie down. Focus on your breathing and be still.

Do it for as long as you can. I like at least 10 minutes.

I’d love to hear how you feel once you start doing this when you need it.

DM me on Instagram @lightheartsociety and let me know how it went!