Feeling Your Way to the Next Right Step

In your business, you’ve tried a few marketing strategies or approaches, but they just don’t seem to be the right fit. Maybe they demand that you create content for a platform you don’t care for and finding your voice feels like a struggle.

That feeling of ‘it just doesn’t feel right’ is really important.

That’s your sign to keep searching for a different approach.

It just doesn’t feel right because it isn’t right. For you, for your business, for this moment.

Which is why I help entrepreneurs tap into their own inherent knowledge before creating a message or a strategy for their business.

I came to this approach after going about it all the other ways. Paying for an expensive coach, reading a multitude of books, buying courses etc. But none of it worked. Until I was able to find my own unique clarity through action. Here are three steps to help find your clarity:

Step 1: Get Still & Notice

When you are able to silence the noise around you and within your mind, you are better able to receive information. For some this looks like a mindfulness practice or meditation.

But it can just as easily be going for a run or a long drive in silence. The spaces in between the daily noise and constant action are where we can best listen and begin to pay attention.

How do you feel when you practice the components of your business?

Does marketing feel like a drain?

Do sales calls make you cringe?

Dig in on both the good and the bad sensations as you go about the business of your business. Follow the good feelings, they are your best clues.

Step 2: The Playful Project

Now that you’ve gathered input from step 1, we can come up with what I affectionately call a Playful Project.

This is a project where you test a theory out in real life.

Say you hate posting and interacting on social media for your business. It makes you feel uninspired but you feel like you are supposed to do it so others know your business exists. If you want to feel full of inspiration and create awareness about your brand, could you brainstorm ideas around that?

Remove all judgement of your brainstorm results. Focus on the quantity of ideas here.

As you begin to circle around a few ideas, you are at the beginning of creating your Playful Project. Choose a timeframe and get into messy action around it. Find some friends of friends for whom it would be helpful and start having conversations and making offers.

Step 3: Pay Attention

Now that you are in messy action, you must pay attention to how the action feels. You are gathering data for your next right step.

Do you love in person connections? Awesome! Perhaps your marketing strategy needs a solid offline in-person component to it.

Do you love to write? Perfect! Creating free and valuable content is a great way to draw people into your business.

Follow the clues

As we find stillness, take messy action and pay attention, we are gifted clues as to what our next right step could be.

Only you can decide on those steps but it might be helpful to have a guide to walk with you along the way. I’m here for that and I’d love to chat with you.