How to Brand Your Heart Driven Business

This month, I had the honor of discussing how to brand your heart driven business with the amazing life coach Andrea Leda on her Practice Corner Podcast.

Here are a few key points we touched on:

Messaging & Strategy Comes from Within

Ever wonder why the methods and strategy that worked for someone else don’t work for you? It’s because they are out of integrity with you who are. I love helping folks unearth the unique messaging and strategy that is specific to them.

Figure out Your Visibility

Posting every day isn’t the answer. Figuring out where you want to show up consistently is a step in the right direction. Provide value consistently in the same space and you are going to see a reaction.

Email is not dead, at all.

Email is a very intimate way of showing up in your audience’s lives. If you can provide value for them in that space consistently, you will build your audience in a way builds trust.

If you would like to watch the full podcast, you can do that here. I hope you enjoy it!